There are two types of the playground: the traditional playground and natural playground. The traditional playground is the one that is built with metals and other beautiful equipment that attracts children while natural playground is the one that is naturally developed with flowers and other natural things.

It has been found that children who play in natural environment tend to be more active than those who play on playgrounds decorated with colored equipment and metals. They also make use of their initiative more than the other set of children that play with traditional playgrounds. The natural playground can be built with stone, wood, water, and sand. It can also be surrounded by trees planted around it together with flowers and slides that can be built into a hill. There are a number of ways through which natural playground can benefit children and they are listed below:

    In The Area Of Versatility

Children easily get tired when there is monotony in their play. The traditional playground is characterized by this monotony hence making the kids bored after using it for a while. But natural playground provides a kind of versatility that keeps children alert and fixed for a long time.

    Visual Inclination

There is nothing that attracts children like visuals. The natural playground that is naturally endowed with materials and things that attracts their eyes helps to make their imaginations run wild. It makes children interact more with the playground.

Building Skills

Natural playgrounds have things like sand, logs, and rocks which children can use to play. When this is joined with buckets, basins, and other things, children can explore their building skills through these instruments. You see some building house castle with the sand.

You see some of them fetching water with the bucket to water the flowers and trees around. These increase their creativeness and make them learn construction skills through these elements. Some of them go to the extent of digging in the sands to create channels through which water flows in form of dams. These activities make them feel fulfilled even as they enjoy themselves in the play. A Very observant adult should be able to identify a child's talent through this and guide the child in that direction.

Physical Fitness Can Be Improved

They don’t find it difficult to interact and mingle with people in future. They see working as a team as a natural thing to do because no one can live as an island. Natural playground design gives room for mental reasoning. It improves the thinking mentality of the kids involved.

This is because the settings and environment are similar to what they see in their different homes, so it aids them to think and act as if they are in their homes.

That is why you see some of them assuming the roles of a daddies, mummies, et cetera and acting it out in the natural playground. This can hardly be found in the traditional playground.


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Supports Mutual Aids

Traditional playground most times encourages competition and kids that play there try as much as they can to win the competition. Things like swings, slides and other traditional equipment make them compete more among themselves rather than to encouraging cooperation. This is unlike natural playground where all come together to achieve a common task like building a house on sand, watering flowers in the playground and acting family dramas like they see in their houses.

More Time Is Spent At Play

It had been observed that children that play in natural environments use more time than those in traditional playgrounds. The main reason is that traditional playground offer a kind of monotony which easily gets kids tired and bored but with natural equipment, there is a variety which gives them access to try different options like jumping barriers, fetching water, playing with sand, etc. When they spend more time playing actively, it also increases their physical fitness.


Opportunity To Interact With Their Teachers

The natural playground is a wonderful environment for teachers to interact with their students. This is because it is expected that they stay around them as observers and guides as they play among themselves. This helps the teacher to leave aside whatever that can distract him or her and concentrate on the child. It is also a good avenue to discover a child's talent. A child that is not doing well academically can be discovered through natural playground activities that he or she can actually do well in some tasks and thus be guided to build his or her skills in that direction.

Ability To Confront Risks

In as much as safety is the utmost thing to consider in the construction of natural playground but it is necessary for kids to be exposed to some risks so that it will form part of their developments as they are growing up. That is why there are rooms for climbing and jumping. Even at that, some measures are put in place to balance such risks like soft landing surfaces. For more information, please click on this link natural playgrounds.